Car Seat Safety

What is ECE R44/04?

Car seat laws make it easier for parents to keep their children safe when in a vehicle of any kind. The ECE R044/04 is one of the two European safety standards for car seats. If you check out any R044 car seat, you’ll see an ECE R044/04 or ECE R044/03 sticker on it signifying that the seat complies with the current safety regulations, 04 being the latest version. It’s important to choose the right car seat group for your child.

This regulation is based on the weight of the child and has different categories like

Groups 0+ (birth to 13 kg)
Group 1 (9 to 18 kg)
Group 2 (15 to 25kg)

Read more information about sizes on the product page.

What does R44/04 approval mean?

  • When you see the 04 in the ECE R044/04, the car seat undergo stringent tests to guarantee the protection and safety of the user. Car seats that pass the test are granted this label confirming its compliance with the safety requirements set in the European safety standard before going on the market.
  • These standards are designed to give children the protection necessary in an event of a car accident and assure the quality standard of every product.
  • It’s prohibited by law to continuously use a car seat that has safety labels ending with 01/02. Car seats that have these labels haven’t been sold or advisable for use since 2008. All TinySeats car seats are compliant with ECE R44/04.
  • The “Y” in the orange or white label means that the seat comes with a 5-point harness and crotch strap.
  • For R44/04 there are 3 types of car seat approvals, Universal, Semi-Universal, and Car Specific. TinySeats has Universal and Semi-Universal approval meaning that it can be installed in all vehicles.
  • You may find the orange printed label market E8 underneath the base and on the lower back of the seat.